Angry Horse was conceived and founded by a philanthropist and rotarian dedicated to community and giving back. We aspire to become a benefit corporation dedicated to giving back to our community through philanthropy, community service and support. 


At Angry Horse, we work hard to brew the finest beer possible. We utilize quality ingredients and time tested methods meticulously overseen by our brewers. We pride ourselves on our artisanal approach and strive to only craft distinct, classic flavors.

To obtain the most premium ingredients we purchase and locally source, whenever possible. This means that we can see, smell and taste the ingredients before the yeast begins its magic and turns them into beer. We believe in working with local farmers to build the local supply chain, to help provide jobs, all in the name of quality ingredients.

We’re excited to continue growing the LA beer movement, where some of the best beer, from some of the best breweries in the United States is being produced.


It's built into our teams' DNA to take care of our environment. We look for opportunities to cut down our waste; cycling our brew water, capturing heat loss. Practicing sustainability is one of our key values.