In honor of American Craft Beer Week, and in the spirit of their #BeerItForward Campaign, Angry Horse is going to be giving back to a community that means a lot to us, City of Hope.

A portion of the proceeds from our East LA IPA and Laurel Smash IPA this Saturday and Sunday will be donated to further cancer research.

To #BeeritForward is to pay it forward. To promote good.

The spirit of giving back and supporting various causes is within the ideology of craft brewing. Craft beer has a way of bringing people together, starting conversations and spreading positivity. 

So this week we ask ourselves: How can you brighten the lives of others through craft beer? To us that means taking the positivity of craft beer and passing it onto communities that need it. By enjoying a pint of one of our IPAs, we can do that together. Thank you for your support.

To learn more about how our donation to City of Hope will help, click here. You can also make your own donation online.