How Beer Found Me

2008, I was brand new mother to a beautiful little girl and my role as a young woman had changed dramatically so much so that I questioned my new identity; Women, Mother… did I have room for anything else?

Such questions could not be answered by having a glass of wine at home, so my husband took me out for dinner and some beers to my favorite place “Uncle Henry’s Deli” (Shout out to George Sr. and his Son George Jr.) Walking into this place is an experience not just for their food, or their beer, but the table in the corner that belonged to us, and the short walk to it, the greeting, the greeting was the best. I was just a gal who drank really good independent beer with a small group of men and had great conversations. They were just a bit older than my husband and I, and full of wisdom that I admired and respected. 


On this one evening, I stood in line to order and there on the corner left was a new beer, Mischief by The Bruery. I was intrigued and asked for a pour. It was handed to me in a glass and it looked different. I sat down and waited what seemed to be the longest 30 seconds for everyone to cheers, and then it happened, the moment that beer changed my life. I had never tasted anything like it before. My eyes lit up and a conversation that dubbed me “Norm” happened (Cheers reference anyone?). I was going to work in the craft beer scene. How and when was not discussed. 

Years go by and life continued. As I grew, so did my daughter and my desires didn’t change. Then BAM! I was 30 years old and happy to be alive (that’s another story guys, I almost didn’t make it to 30…stupid mosquito almost took me down) I was gaining wisdom as an Urban Youth Ministry volunteer. My life was about mentorship, and growing with others, and with such vibrance in my life what is the best gift this 30 year old could receive? A case of Mischiefand an amazing birthday party. This beer continued to follow me through mile stones, how does that happen?


Then a year later, my world was turned upside down. My father in-law had a stroke and my husband was relocating us to Montebello (funfact: I’m an Oiler). I was so dramatic and upset about it. I wanted to move to another state, not Montebello. That spring my birthday came and I was not in a place in life that I desired. But hey, God had other plans. My husband and sister, Juju decided to throw me a brewery themed, surprise, birthday party. They got growler fills from all over LA County. And there it was again, a growler fill of Mischief. When it was time for a birthday blessing, I stopped, held my beer high and asked God to bless me and bring a brewery close enough to our neighborhood for me to be a fan of and support. 

A few weeks later we receive news that Angry Horse Brewing is breaking ground down the block! 

Now this God loving Women, Mother, Friend, Sister, Beertender, Taproom Manager and occasional Mash Ton Masher is working and creating memories and great Independent beer brewed in Montebello. I truly believe that some of us are timely placed in certain places to change our lives and others; Angry Horse has given me that opportunity. 


“When a good beer is available at a certain place,

everybody runs there with out delay knowing that the supply will not last” 

-       The great professor, Martin Luther

We here at Angry Horse strive to provide an atmosphere that lends itself to creating community and amazing memories with well-crafted beer. You never know when a moment can potentially change your life.


Yaya Lopez | Taproom Manager


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