JAMES McCUSKER | chief operating officer


Raised in Kingman, AZ, James has split his time between New York City and Los Angeles.

James fell into the world of craft beer as his younger brother, Nathan McCusker developed a passion for homebrewing. As Nathan learned about brewing and developed his palate, James was able to develop his own.

By day, James is in the business of film & televison production. As a lighting designer and cinematographer he has worked on a variety of projects ranging from films, scripted and non-scripted television shows, commercials and music videos. He's also produced his own projects. It was his experience on a variety of culinerary & bar renovation shows that made him realize that opening a brewery with his brother could definitely become a reality.

While commited to his trade, James can be found escaping to the beach to surf or watching films. You might also catch him scouring the web for his next surf board, or his dream camper van. 


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