NATHAN McCUSKER | president


Born in Las Vegas, raised in Kingman, AZ and now a loyal Angeleno for 14 years.

Nathan's beer-evangelist journey began one fateful day in 2002 after moving to LA and ordered Stone's IPA it was love at first sip. True to his inquisitive nature, and newfound patronage at Eagle Rock Brewery, he dove into the world of homebrewing and realized the creative nature of brewing, recipe formulation and experimentation.

Having overcome late stage, non-Hodgkin's, Burkitt lymphoma at the mere age of 8, Nathan has always been a philanthropist. Having 12 years of experience working in the non-profit sector with the American Cancer Society and raising funds for type 1 diabetes at JDRF, Nathan has spent much of his life building and supporting various communities. Fostering our own community at Angry Horse Brewing and contributing to the LA beer scene is exactly what Nathan is set out to do.

When Nathan is not working (rare for a professed workaholic) or satiating his thirst for knowledge on Google, he can be found doing anything outdoors or talking about his next sailing trip to Catalina Island. While Nathan's love of craft beer runs deep it's fair to say it rivals with the love he has for his cocker spaniel, Kaiden and his Irish wolfhound. Keiran. Popular to the downtown LA dog walking scene, they draw quite the crowd.

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