NOE TELLEZ | lead brewer


A born and raised Angelino.

Noe’s first memory of craft beer was stumbling into Weiland’s in Downtown LA with some friends. There he had his first IPA and his first Hefeweizen. From there, whenever Noe had the opportunity to try something new, he would and has developed his palate ever since. For him, the more intersting the beer sounds, the better.

Noe eventually joined a homebrew club and his fascination grew from there. He has since taken the BJCP exams and has helped to judge homebrew competitions in the area. In general, he is a big supporter of independent craft beer and other local LA breweries.

When Noe is not crafting receipes in the brewhouse, you can find him outdoors. He is an avid hiker and you bet you can always find a can of one of his favorite brews in his backpack to celebrate reaching the summit.


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